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About Us

ihas (Innovative Home Automation Systems) is a company in Perth, Western Australia specialising in Home Automation solutions for the Australian market.

We have been active in the IT industry for several years, and also operate a VoIP provider with PSTN interconnect capabilities. We started investigating LinuxMCE for our own use in 2007 and when we realised that working setups were something we could sell, we formed ihas and began building and selling LinuxMCE solutions.

Together our staff have over 30 years' experience in the IT industry, most of that with Linux.

Our Hardware

We have a number of clients 'out there' using LinuxMCE in their homes and businesses.

Setup 1

This first system is a home customer.



  • Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.4 GHz
  • MSI Mainboard
  • 2 G RAM
  • Maxtor STM 325082 250G SATA-II Hard Drive (for boot)
  • Seagate ST3500630AS 500G SATA-II Hard Drive (for storage)
  • Nova-T-500 Dual DVB-T Tuner card


  • 2 x MSI MediaLive! Barebones


  • Cisco 7970G IP Phone

Setup 2