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Who am I

I'm a long time IT guy from Sweden, started programming at age 9, first Unix exposure in -93 (NetBSD) and soon after also some Linux. I've done loads of system programming on IBM mainframe, S/38, AS/400, MS-DOS, Windows C++/DCOM, heavy duty Java J2EE on Linux, you name it. Most of it having to do with communications and middleware; actually I've developed something similar to DCE in the 80s and 90s... ;-) Today I'm an Enterprise Architect but try to get some dirt under the nails by digging in the dirt, I mean Linux.

-Joakim aka JoakimL on the forums and in IRC


Media Directors


AsRock 330 ION HT

  • Intel Atom 330 dual core
  • 2 GB main memory
  • Hauppauge USB-DVB Nova-T Stick (DBV-T)
  • Ping IT IR receiver
  • MS MCE Remote (Branded AsRock)

Problems: Onboard IR receiver not supported by Linux Kernel, supported at Ubuntu 9.04. Will have to wait or back-port the driver


Old Dell laptop with a great screen

Core / Hybrid

Old Compaq P4

  • Processor - Intel P4 2.0 GHz
  • 512 MB main memory
  • 1 x 200gb IDE disk





No mobile orbiter yet. Waiting for the iPhone SW, or I'll get myself a used Nokia.

Home control

Not connected to LinuxMCE yet, trying to do something useful with Nexa. When there's time I'll invest in a TellStickand integrate it into LMCE.


One Squeezebox 3, not connected to LMCE yet; will have to rebuild my WLANs first (The son's cousin had an accident with the SB3 rendering the screen blank so I cannot reconfigure...)


Some notes on setting up 8.10 B2 (daily build 22828)


Nothing special, followed the standard procedure.

Media Directors

Firmware file for DBV-T missing, solved with:

cd /usr/pluto/diskless/39/lib/firmware/
sudo cp /lib/firmware/dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw /usr/pluto/diskless/39/lib/firmware/ .

cd /usr/pluto/diskless/39/lib/firmware/
sudo wget

DVD not playable, even though the SW was installed at the Core

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2 w32codecs

Problems to solve:

  • Keyboard with US layout, change to Swedish
  • Remote not working due to IR receiver still not in place. Trying to use /dev/input/event in lirc, not OK yet


Two networks, with wired and wireless in both.

  • Outer network 192.168.1.x - including VOIP gateway, to be replaced by Asterix when I get some time
  • Inner network 192.168.80.x