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My Setup


 Dedicated Core
   Dual Pentium 3 (1ghz)
   2 Gb ram
   Onboard 100mb ethernet (external net)
   64bit pci 1gb fiber card (internal net)
   2 SB Live! cards
   1 ati rage 128 (just enough video for a dedicated server)
   1 80 Gb drive (system and audio media)
   1 250 GB drive (video media)
 Media Directors
   None (I use XBMC on an Xbox to watch videos)
   Web orbiter on an iPhone
   1 CM11A
   A couple of X10 switches and outlets
   2 zones of whole house audio completed so far (this system is being designed for background music)  All speaker wiring goes to a central location in the basement.
   Zone 1 - first soundcard -> amp ->ceiling speakers on first floor.  Manual volume control in each room
   Zone 2 - second soundcard -> car amp ->pair of car speakers in outdoor housings on patio

Software Setup

 LinuxMCE 704 (haven't had time to upgrade to 710)
 Latest Squeezecenter (replaced SlimServer shipped with LinuxMCE) Upgrading SlimServer