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This is mainly a place I will put down notes at this stage for reference.

New Zealand based setup


Lounge - Core Hybrid

- Antec Fusion Case
- Gigabyte Motherboard
- Q6600 Intel CPU
- NVidia ASUS GT430
- Onboard NIC and a PCI-E gigabit NIC
- Philips TV
- Onkyo Receiver
- 1-Wire Serial adapter


- HDHomeRun
- Modem, router, gigabit switch, wireless switch

Office - Test MD

- Intel MB with 3.2Ghz processor
- ATI graphics
- Underpowered machine so TV is jumpy. Need to get Nvidia card with VDPAU which should fix problem


- Nokia N800 - resolution 800x480
- W1180 - resolution 800x480
- IDEOS - resolution 320x240


Toshiba RAS Air Con controlled by USB-UIRT in Lounge. Scenarios - OnHeat, OnCold, Off, Temp up, Temp down



Using works with Sipgate template but dial pattern in outbound and trunk needs to be changed to xxxxxxxxxx

Install process 1004

- Run through Kubuntu 10.04 install
- Svn web install
- Setup Avwizard rooms, users and onkyo receiver
- Don't currently use Web Admin - Add TV card WinTV-NOVA-T-500 - quick reload and then wait 5mins for it to setup then scan channels from mythtv backend.
- Reboot
- Auto detect HDHomerun
- Check HDHomerun virtual tuners set to 2 (Will test higher setting)
- Web Admin - Change Hardware acceleration to VDPAU
- MythTV - Set 'Current Video Playback Profile' to VDPAU Normal (need to try High) - 1004 has random black screen for 1-2secs.
- MythTV - Enable 'Avoid conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows' - stops channel changes and lockouts recordings are on
- Bugs with Nvidia drivers 260 with my card. Upgrade to 285.05.09 solves the issue.
- Add Remote
- Add Air Con
- Add web orbiter 2
- Add N800 orbiter
- Add IDEOS Phone orbiter
- Add phoneline - not currently working in 1004
- Setup Air Con Scenarios (On/Off/Temp Up/Temp Down) - possible to display current setting on main home screen?
- Orbiter Advanced page - change 'Alert Filter Level' from all to none where pop-up messages are not to be displayed. 
- Setup for DVD playback
- Setup 1-wire

To Do

- Build receiver template using existing onkyo and adding channel up and down, discrete power, zone2.
- Work out TV template (currently can modify philips to suit TV but turns off at times when need to stay on).
- Setup remote template properly and submit
- Get some Z-wave equipment
- Irrigation - rain8
- Setup machine with QT Creator to learn QML
- Get USB soundcard working