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(Mobile Devices)
(Mobile Devices)
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[[category:Standard Definition Setup]]
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[[Category:User Setups]]
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Welcome to my user page. I'll keep it short and sweet.

Im a recent convert to linux, mainly because of linuxMCE. Im hoping to help add some organization to the community and maybe eventually a little more. Im currently a licensed General building contractor in Ca and technology is my passion in my spare time. Since receiving my license, i've had more time to focus on my hobbies and start picking up on the technical thread I started on while in the Navy.

Anyways, thats a little about me. Have a nice Day


My Hardware

Core / Hybrid

Hardware List

Associated AV

  • 32" Magnavox SD TV w/ Digital Tuner
    • PlayStation 2
      • Video Ouput
  • Samsung 5 disc dvd player / reciever

Media Director

Hardware List

  • Motherboard - ASUS_M2NPV-VM
  • Processor -MD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800+ 2.0 GHz Processor with 89-Watt Power
  • 1 x windows MCE reciever
  • 1 x ir transmitter running off of USB_UIRT in another room via a headphone extension cord.

Associated AV

  • 27" Panasonic SDTV

Telcom Hardware


  • Standard Orbiter Embedded phones (non functional for me)
  • Zoiper installed on windows xp machines
    • I added a 'Generic SIP Softphone' from the phones page in the webadmin.
    • The Username and password to set up the account are the extension number.
    • The proxy is the ip of your core.
    • Note, my network setup is such that all machines are on the lmce subnet.
    • The softphones register and work fine.


I have one line with Broadvoice that is currently setup with linuxmce. I set it up with no problems via the webadmin.


I also have one landline. Getting this to work with linuxmce has been a bit of a chore and its still a work in progress.

  • I connected it with a Linksys spa-3102
  • I can recieve and route calls within the house from this line.
  • The is no caller ID on this line

Lighting Hardware


  • 1 x CM11 for controlling x10 hardware
  • Multiple lamp and appliance modules X10


  • 1 x Insteon 2412 plm.


I currently have the orbiter software running on:


  • 1 x windows xp Gateway tablet pc laptop.
  • 1 x windows xp Compaq laptop.


  • 1 x windows xp Dell desktop.

Mobile Devices

  • 1 x HP Ipaq 6315
    • This device can be flakey over wifi and require cycling the wireless card every 24 hours.