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Core/Hybrid - Media Director #1: (Lounge)

Operating System: Linux MCE 0810b2
User Interface: OpenGL with overlay (Medium)
Motherboard: MSI P55-GD65, LGA1156, Dual DDR3-2133, Intel P55, 7x SATA, 1x eSATA, 1x IDE, CrossFireX, SLI, 2x PCIe x16 (x16+x8), 1x PCIe x4, 2x PCIe x1, 2x PCI, 14x USB, 2x FireWire, 2x Gigabit LAN, 8ch HD Audio, ATX	
Processor: [1]
Video: [2] MSI GeForce 9600GT
RAM: G.Skill 4GB Memory 2x 2GB Kit, PC3-10666 
HDD: 	Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 - 3.5" - 1TB HDD, SATAII, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache (ST31000528AS)
Audio:  motherboard
TV Tuner Card: Hauppauge Nova T-500 MCE (Dual HD-TV Channels on the one card.)
NIC #1: For input, I'm using the onboard 
NIC #2: For output, I'm using the onboard 
Power Supply: corsair hx-520
DVD-RW: LG Electronics CH08LS10 8x Blu-Ray & DVD Reader and DVD Burner Combo, LightScribe, Retail Version  
Bluetooth: usb dongle
Infrared Reciever/Transmitter: USB-UIRT
Infrared Remote Control: Windows MCE
Monitor: pioneer 50inch plasma (oh yes)
Resolution: (1080p HDTV - 100Hz)
Case: SilverStone GD04 Black HTPC Case, Aluminium Front Panel, 0.8mm SECC Body, USB2.0 x 2 / Audio / Mic (SST-GD04B)

Im putting it together now so ill let you know