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Version 0710 RC1 was released April 23rd, 2008

On April 25th we will go ahead and release it and have it mastered to DVD unless anybody finds any significant problems with it. Problems should be reported here:

Before installing, check out the Known issues 0710 RC1.

LinuxMCE is integrated into the KDE desktop and runs on Kubuntu Gutsy 7.10. Click here for the change log.

To download:

How to install :

1. If you have a Kubuntu 0710 installed and you want to keep your applications settings, use CD's installation. Same steps as for 0704 (go here).

2. If you want to do a quick install, use the DVD's. It will install both Kubuntul 0710 and LinuxMCE 0710. More here.

Warning: The DVD quick installation will wipe the whole disk of the machine, all previous data will be permanently lost!

3. If you have LMCE 0704, you might want to try one of the following upgrade methods ( more here ):

- Installation using the upgrade DVD, with keep settings option (also works if you want to switch to amd64 version).

- Download the upgrade helper application from gutsy-upgrade-scripts_0.1.0-2_i386.deb and choose to install from web or from DVD, if you have the double layer dvd.

There are four ways to upgrade from 0704 or an 0710 beta:

First, always make a backup by going to Advanced, Configuration, Backups in the Admin site and saving that backup file somewhere safe. This backup file contains the LinuxMCE configuration. It doesn't contain your media or any other files, of course.

1. Use the 0710 quick install DVD, not the CD's, and when it says that you have an existing installation on drive X, answer 'y' and tell it to keep your settings. This will actually do a clean install and wipe out everything on your hard drive except the /home directory, which is where all your media is kept. It also does an automated backup of the LinuxMCE configuration before the installation, and restores it afterward. So you will keep your LinuxMCE setup, but any other software you installed will be gone since this is really like a fresh install.

2. Virtually the same as option 1 is to make a backup first, then do a clean install, and then go to advanced, configuration, backup and restore the backup. If you want to preserve the media which is in your /home directory, then during the installation answer 'yes' when it says it found an existing installation on your drive, and choose the option to preserve /home.

3. Options 1 and 2 are doing a fresh install, so non-LinuxMCE customizations are lost. To do a true upgrade you can insert the DVD and choose ______

Note that the Asterisk phone system changed significantly from 0704 to 0710. The backup process in 0704 did not completely backup everything that the new Asterisk needs, so when you restore a backup from 0704 your VOIP providers may not be preserved. An update 5 was made available for 0704 to fix this. An 0704 core should have prompted you automatically to upgrade. 0704 backups made after the update 5 will have all the data Asterisk needs and can be restored in 0710 without losing the VOIP providers. You can go to Advanced, Configuration, Devices in the Admin panel, choose the Core and look at the "LastUpdate" parameter to see what was the last update applied to your core.

See also:

FOSS 0710 for the FOSS and development community explains what happened with the open source development after 1.1, and the current plans to develop a FOSS community