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Procedure to setup the Web Orbiter is simple but the order of steps is important.

  1. First of all we should add a new Generic Web Device as a Child Device for your Core:
    1. Press "Show devices tree" and then "CORE". The Core detailed page should appear.
    2. On this page press a link 'Create Child Device'.
    3. Press the button 'Pick device template' in the Add child device window. The new pop-up window contained device templates will be opened.
    4. Choose a category 'Peripherals'
    5. Find and select Generic Web Device in the right list box and press the button 'Add device'. Generic Web Device will be added to the Core.
    6. Also new Generic Proxy Orbiter will be created automatically on this stage. We can watch the Orbiter generation process on the Orbiters page: Wizard --> Devices --> Orbiters.
  2. Wait till generation procedure finishes. A message on some active Orbiter or on the Orbiter page will so indicate.
  3. Don't forget Quick reload router. It's important because otherwise the Orbiter won't work properly.
  4. We can access to the Web Orbiter:
    1. Type URL http://<core_ip>/pluto-admin/weborbiter.php in the browser address bar.
    2. Input existing user name and password
    3. Choose Generic Web Device from the dropdown list.See something similar to:
      Web Orbiter.jpg

If you try to connect to the Web Orbiter and see this message : "Connect to proxy orbiter failed, please try again" this means that the procedure of Orbiter generation doesn't finish yet or you forgot to quick restart of router.