What can I do with LinuxMCE?

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Following is a list of things you can do with LinuxMCE. Each link takes you to a how-to page which has 3 parts: 1) How to set it up, 2) How to use it, 3) Where to find the source code and how it works.

The list is not complete, and many of the topics do not yet have the documentation, and not all documentation pages have screen shots and pictures. Feel free to add your own documentation and commit it into our document tree, like a wiki; there's a how-to for that.

Most people gradually add more and more to LinuxMCE over time, this page will become a comfortable alternative to the full user's manual, allowing you to quickly see what can be done, and how to do it.

Everything listed below presently is tested and works even if the documentation is not written, except those items in italics which require modules still in development or only partially complete. Items with an * are coded, and should work, but are not fully tested.

What modules are in development?


Add to/edit the online documentation, wiki-style


Home Automation


PC Computing

  • Have LinuxMCE's screen saver turn my regular TV off when there's no activity and back on automatically, like a PC monitor with power save
  • Browse web pages on the media directors
  • Browse web pages on the orbiters
  • Use open office on the media directors
  • Access a KDE/Gnome desktop on the media directors


  • Make phone calls using a VOIP provider
  • Make phone calls using a regular phone line (POTS), ISDN or T1
  • Do video conferencing