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Usage Information


There are two common version of the USB IR Receiver/Transmitter

  1. Phillips eHome Infrared Transceiver
  2. SMK eHome Infrared Transceiver

Both are supported in the latest version of LIRC


  • IR Receiver is supported
    • The easiest method of installation is via the LinuxMCE Admin Website
      • Click on Media Directors
      • Scroll to the bottom of the list of configurable items for Infrared Receivers and select mce_usb2 from the drop down list, this will automatically install the lirc modules and update the lircd.conf file.
      • Reload the Router and you should be good to go.
  • IR Transmitter is supported with driver module lirc_mceusb2 version >= 0.24 (lirc-0.8.2).
    • However, the transmitter is not currently supported in LinuxMCE
      • Workaround for channel changing in MythTV Only:
        • You will need an appropriate Device Template for the remote of the device you want to control.
        • These templates should be of the "LIRC Remote Controls < Remote Controls < Peripherals" category. If a suitable template doesn't exist, you will have to create one. Look to for lircd.conf files appropriate for your device. You will copy and paste this into the parameter on the device template.
        • Once you have your template, go to The easiest method is to click the "Add Remote" button from the Wizard > Device > Media Director and go to the media director that your receiver is attached to in the web admin. Click Add Remote, and select the device template from the first step.
        • You will need to Reload the DCERouter at this point.
        • Create a channel changing script similar to, but replacing dish6 with the remote name from your lircd.conf
        • Set this script as the channel changing script in mythtvsetup which can be ran from Advanced > Computing from any orbiter. You have to add the location of the following script in the options on the Input Connections screen. Make sure the the preset channel is set 3.
       irsend SET_TRANSMITTERS 1 # or 2 depending on which plugin is used.
       for digit in $(echo $1 | sed -e 's/./& /g'); do
       irsend --device=/dev/lircd SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME $digit
       sleep 0.5
       irsend --device=/dev/lircd SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME select



Not Needed in 710Beta3

1. Currently you need to run the following command in order to get the LIRC modules available for use

  depmod -ae
  modprobe lirc_mceusb2

Alternatively do the following at the Core to fix non-functioning IR on an MD;

Use Web Admin -> Wizard -> Devices -> Media Directors to get the id number of each MD (the number preceded by a #). The open a console session at the KDE desktop and type the following;

  ssh moon<id number of MD> **this opens a console session on the MD**

This should allow the modules to be available and you should be able to use the remote control with the USB dongle included with the remote.