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LinuxMCE is an alternative to Windows Media Center Edition ("Windows MCE"), its chief competition. Using the Linux OS instead of the Windows OS delivers features included in Linux itself, and the rest of LinuxMCE brings its own featureset that differs from that of Windows MCE.


Feature Windows MCE LinuxMCE Notes
OS Windows (MCE) Linux (custom kernel/distro) Both are customized OS and customized bundled apps and customized configs.
Support Microsoft Community / 3rd Party LinuxMCE is a community project related to the Pluto project.
Price $237.99 (12:43, 11 December 2007 (MST)) <ref></ref> $Free LinuxMCE is free and open source software.
User Interface Desktop Orbiter, Website LinuxMCE Orbiter offers remote control by various network devices.
Media Redirection LinuxMCE can direct all media around a network using Media Director client machines.
Media Types Audio (file), Video (file) Audio (file, streaming), Video (file, streaming)
Audio Formats CDDA, WMA CDDA, MP3, Vorbis
Video Formats WMV WMV, Theora
Telephony Asterisk v1.x.x, Cisco 7970 LinuxMCE supports SIP, SCCP, and Orbiter on Cisco 7970 phones.
Device Types Harddrive, CD, DVD, CD/DVD Jukebox, TV (SD, HD), SliMP3/Server, Z-Wave, Cameras, Generic Bluetooth, Generic Serial
DRM LinuxMCE does not license any DRM technology, though its HW can include DRM licensed tech like HDMI.

(This table is modeled on one in the Wikipedia article "Comparison of Windows and Linux".)

Use Cases

(Different ways in which Windows MCE and LinuxMCE are used.)