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[[Category: Programmer's Guide]]

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What is wxWidgets?

From their website: An open source C++ GUI framework to make cross-platform programming child's play. Well, almost.

wxWidgets integration with LinuxMCE

wxWidgets must be compiled with: --with-gtk=2 --enable-monolithic --with-sdl --with-opengl

For debug builds, add --enable-debug

sdl: needed by Orbiter opengl: needed by Orbiter

wxWidgets integration with Orbiter

Now, only Linux port of Orbiter uses wxWidgets

A new directory, Orbiter/wxAppMain, was created, which contains only wx-related files All *.cpp and *.h files added in this directory are automatically used by the Makefile in Orbiter

Read the following wiki link "Integrating custom controls in Orbiter", which will explain how to use the wx dialogs, and how to control them.

Creating a new wxWidgets dialog to be used in Orbiter

example: wxSecurityWizard will be the class name

It should be derived from class wxDialog_Base.

   class wxSecurityWizard : public wxDialog_Base

wxDialog_Base and other classes already implemented will handle the wx-actions and the Orbiter-tasks.

   In "dialog_types.h", E_Dialog_SecurityWizard constant should be added
   In "CallBackData.h", a new class should be created, with the data that will be used by the new dialog

if wxSecurityWizard will be used as a popup:

   class SecurityWizardCallBackData : public PopupCallBackData

if wxSecurityWizard will be used as a normal dialog:

   class SecurityWizardCallBackData : public PositionCallBackData

-- Generic methods from wxDialog_Base that can/should be overrided --

   // load data from external object, called after create
   // by default calls Gui_Refresh
   virtual bool Gui_DataLoad(CallBackData *pCallBackData);
   // save data to external object
   // not called by default
   virtual bool Gui_DataSave(CallBackData *pCallBackData);
   // this should be used when the data from the dialog
   // needs to be transfered to Orbiter
   // GUI refresh related code should be implemented here
   // by default set full-screen or update position
   virtual bool Gui_Refresh(CallBackData *pCallBackData);

-- Other methods from wxDialog_Base --

This function should always be called if the position comes from Orbiter, from a PositionCallBackData derived class.

   void Update_Position_FullScreen(const int x, const int y, const int width, const int height, bool bShowFullScreen);
   // if bShowFullScreen is true, the dialog is created full-screen
   // otherwise, his position is changed
   // if the dialog is already in the desired state, then wx functions for full-screen, or SetSize will not be called

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