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This article is a stub and requires expansion

X10 devices are controlled by the LinuxMCE system using a CM11A module connected to the core's serial port. This module gets plugged into an electrical wall outlet to send X10 signals throughout the power lines of the house.

Examples of dealers for X10 devices include:

Configuring control module CM11A:

  • Log into the administration page ( on the Core system or http://dcerouter from another system)
  • On the left, in "Device" section click on "Interface" then on "Add Device".
  • Select "CM11A" in "Device Template" and then click on "Pick device Template"
  • A new popup appears then select the COM port which is connected interface CM11A. (COM1 = / dev/ttyS0 and COM2 = / dev/ttyS1 etc.), Also put the location where is located the interface CM11A.
  • Update and quick reload the router. You can then add lights as 'children' of this device.
  • Expanded information can be found at http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/CM11

Configuring LW12 modules:

In the "Device" section click on "Lights" then on "Add Device" window appears. Putting "Pluto" in "Manufacturer" and "Lighting Device <Environment" in "Device Category" Select "Light Switch (dimmable)" in "Device Template" menu and click on "Pick device Template" a new popup appears put in "Port / Channel Number address" X10 module (ex: type A1 for House A and Unit 1) and select its room location before save. Add all modules of the house by clicking on "Add Device". Noted that it is possible to type directly ID in "Do you know the ID of the device template? Just type it below and click Go" (38 in our example then "Go" to avoid the drop-down list of "Device Template", the right profile is automatically selected in "Device Template" then click on "Pick device template."

Configuring AM12 modules:

Use the same procedure as LW12 modules but use "Light Switch (on/off)" instead "Light Switch (dimmable)" in "Device Template" menu

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