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This page is in the beginning stages. As far as my knowledge goes there is very little tested accessibility software that works with Linuxmce. However, my goal is to find some.

We need software in the following catagories to work 100% with Linuxmce.

Visually Impaired

  • screen readers
  • magnifiers
  • Font sizes: Adjust_Font_Size Note: we need to develope a wizard to do this.

Hearing Impaired

Motor Difficulties

  • Sticky keys
  • Slow keys

How to contribute to Accessibility

Please list software that makes Linuxmce usable by people with special needs. Also, for developers, try to integrate the highest level of accessibility into Linuxmce.


It is important to secure a high level of access for people with special needs as not having accessibility can be highly frustrating to some people.

Possible Solutions

This software is listed for developers, testers, or the adventurous user. They have not bee tested with Linuxmce.

  • Integrating eSpeak with Orca and/or Kttsd.
  • Use Kmag to zoom in on text, eg. menus