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710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 N/A 15 November 2011 foxi352
1004 Working 15 November 2011 foxi352
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Cisco mobile during call


Since LinuxMCE 10.04 (>= 25124) telecom supports Cisco Mobile app from the official Apple Appstore as softphone client. The following procedure has been tested with version 8.1 on iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1

According to cisco:

Cisco Mobile 8.1 supports multitasking. It requires Apple iOS 4.2 or later and is supported on the following Apple handsets: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd and 4th Generation iPod touch, and iPad.
If you use an iPhone 3G, please download Cisco Mobile 8.0 instead.

To add a new CISCO mobile SIP client follow these instructions.


Add a new phone in webadmin.

Go to webadmin and click on Wizard -> Devices -> Phone. Scroll down until end of page and click on "Add device" button. Be sure to chooise "Cisco Mobile iOS" on the selection list (see above)

Add a new phone in webadmin.

Write down the phone number and the autogenerated password (or insert a new one). You will need both to configure your Cisco Mobile app on your iOS device later.


1. Download Cisco Mobile APP from iOS App Store. At time of writing the actual release is 8.1 and it is an iPhone only app (meaning not iPad).


2. Start Cisco Mobile and touch "Enter Account Settings


3. Touch "Begin" on the wizard start page"


4. Touch "Yes" on the CM account question


5. Slide "User Authentication" to "ON". Enter your phone number on "Device ID" AND on "User Name". Enter your password on "Password". Enter your core's IP address as TFTP server. Touch "Save"


6. Wait for it to verify connection to your core


7. When it asks for "Desk phone" integration enter "Continue"


8. On Desk Phone page touch "Cancel" as we don't have that integration.


9. Touch "No" when it asks for "Desk phone integration"


10. Answer "No" for "Unified Messaging"


11. Answer "No" for "Corporate Directory"


12. Congratulation. Setup is done. Choose "Continue". Your SIP softphone should be ready.


You should now be on the main screen of the Cisco Mobile client. If your phone (top left) comes up green you have won ! :-)

Good luck