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Setup Alarm wake-up call style using Cisco 7970

This is a simple example of how you can set an alarm in linuxmce for a specific bedroom. That when the alarm goes off the bedroom will ring a wake-up call like your in a hotel on your cisco 7970. You can also change the alarm time on the orbiter on 7970..

The simplest way to receive a wake up call is to just have an another rooms embedded phone make the call to the 7970 extension this is done silently.

Setting a Wake-up Call alarm for a Cisco 7970

1. In Admin goto Event Handler ---- then select "Timed Events"

2. Create a new timed event Label "Alarm 1 Master Bed" select Based on day of the week.

 (I have 2 alarms on master bed one for me and one for her)

3. Add new event

4. Now you can set the days of the week and alarm time.

 (for me its everyday except Sunday and select the location of orbiter)

5. Under device select any orbiter embedded phone from pull down.. that is a MD NOT in the room or zone you are setting the alarm...

 (I just use the Core's embedded phone since i will never have an alarm in that room) 

6. Select Phone_Initate from pull down

7. In #83 PhoneExtension enter just extension of cisco you want to ring something like "201"

8. Test command ... should ring the cisco.. and save and you done... same thing for other rooms

 (You can now change time for alarm now on cisco orbiter under sleep menu)

working in progress.... on adding prerecorded wave files that will play through phone after you pick up for reminders... to come.... FYI this is my first wiki