Converting Philips RC-5 to Pronto

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If you haven't done so already, you may want to read up on Learning/typing my own code.

When your device uses Philips RC-5 codes for its infrared commands from the remote control, you'll find that these codes cannot be directly used in the LinuxMCE templates. What is needed, are Pronto codes. Specifically, Pronto codes that start with 0000. You may be able to find other pronto codes for your device, but the infrared transmitter code in LMCE can only do the 0000 (raw) sequences.

As an example, I have an Arcam amplifier which uses system code 16, and e.g. command code 123 to turn it on. To convert RC5 16-123 to raw pronto, it is possible to use a small utility called IRCodeDoctor ( Simply execute it with "java -jar IRCodeDoctor.jar". You'll get a small window. Right-click in the "IR-Code" field, and select New Code -> RC5. Enter your system and command codes, and you will end up with a Pronto code "5000 0073 0000 0001 0010 007B". However, the first 4 digits are 5000, not 0000! Make sure you right click again in that window, and click Convert to RAW. Click OK in the popup about the Toggle bit, it does not need to be set. The Pronto code will then change to the raw Pronto code "0000 0073 0000 000B 0040 0020 0020 0040 0040 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0020 0040 0040 0020 0020 0020 0CC0". Note that it starts with 0000, so you're in business! Select all, copy, and paste it in your Type code manually field.

If you want to manually extend the duration of the emitted IR code, take a look at Extending the repeat duration of raw Pronto IR codes

Refer to the LinuxMCE AV Properties and IR/GSD codes syncronization.