Custom orbiter sizes

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See Custom_Display_Resolutions#Orbiter_size for more info.

To add a custom size via the commandline:

* sudo mysql pluto_main
* copy paste one of the insert lines below
  • Asus Transformer infinity
INSERT INTO Size SET Description='1920x1128 (asus transformer infinity)', Width=1920, Height=1128, ScaleX=902, ScaleY=707, ScaleMenuBg='S', ScaleOtherGraphics='F';
  • Asus Transformer prime
INSERT INTO Size SET Description='1280x752 (Asus transformer prime)', Width=1280, Height=752, ScaleX=602, ScaleY=471, ScaleMenuBg='S', ScaleOtherGraphics='F';
  • generic 1920x1200
INSERT INTO Size SET Description='1920x1200', Width=1920, Height=1200, ScaleX=902, ScaleY=752, ScaleMenuBg='S', ScaleOtherGraphics='F';