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Template:Flag-article This no longer adds any useful information and should be deleted. At best it has historical info about setting up the device before, but the process has changed making the below potentially confusing for new users.

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Usage Information

Dlink DNS-323 http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=509

I attached this to my external network (because it has FTP and HTTP services that I was not able to forward through the firewall- yes, I'm sure it's possible, just didn't have the patience).

I logged into the device and gave it a (external network) static ip address (e.g. and used Dlink's software to share a particular folder with the name "NASFolder", username: "Sharer", password: "SharersPswd"

Then, I followed these directions: (From Here: http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Network_Attached_Storage)

1. In the Web admin (, from the browser) select "show devices tree". 2. Select CORE from my devices. 3. Create child device.

 1. Clicking "Pick device template"
 2. Select "File Server" from the Device Template *** drop down list, then click "Pick device template". 
 3. Put in its IP Address: "", click "Save"
 4. Put in the username: "Sharer" and password: "SharersPswd", click "Save". 
 5. Now select the file server you just made (from the tree in the left hand frame) and click "Create child device" from the screen on the right.
 6. Click "Pick device template" from the Add child device screen that appears.
 7. Select "Windows share" from the Device Template *** drop down list, then click "Pick device template".
 8. Put in its Share Name: "NASFolder", username: "Sharer" and password: "SharersPswd", click "Save". (these boxes are towards the bottom of the page).
 9. You're done, you can close the browser if you like- next steps are optional.
 10. If you go the an Orbiter's KDE desktop, open Konqueror to /home/public/data/other , you should see something like "Windows Share [55]". 
 11. Now let it automatically sync the files. Takes a while (even to get started, then syncing is slow)..................... You can go resync the files using the web admin but if you have a lot of files just let it sync overnight on its own. 

I modified the steps listed before to show you exactly what I typed in to get my system working. My media started populating almost immediately.

NEEDS: This page contains NO information about the actual device, data should be added- I plan to at a later date. (8/3/08)