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Works, but not plug and play.


This applies to:


Adding Media MVP

Hopefully this is temporary, but necessary until a device template is created and installed.

1) Download: ht tp://lmcecompatible.com/support/mvp/mvp.tar

wget http://lmcecompatible.com/support/mvp/mvp.tar

2) Untar the package:

tar xvwf mvp.tar

3) Read the ReadMe from the tar, which in command form instructs you to (from where you untarred the tar):

mv mvprelay /usr/bin
mv dongle.bin /tftpboot
mv dongle.bin.ver /tftpboot
mv dongle.bin.config /tftpboot
mv rc.local /etc/rc.local

4) Add a Slim Server Streamer and SqueezeBox Player to your LMCE install:

  • From within the LinuxMCE admin site, click on "Show Devices Tree".
  • Click on "Core" then "Create Child Device".
  • Add a "Slim Server Streamer" from the "Device Template" list, it is Device Template #53
  • Once created, click on the "Slim Server Streamer" link that appears as one of the Core's devices and again click "Create Child Device".
  • Add a "SqueezeBox Player" from the "Device Template list, it is Device Template #58.
  • Once created, click on the "SqueezeBox Player" link listed as a child of the "Slim Server Streamer" added in the previous step.
  • Add the wired MAC address from the MediaMVP where indicated under the Device Info and Device Data headings and select the room from the drop down menu where you want this device to be listed on your orbiters.

5) Reload and regenerate all orbiters

6) Reboot the core

7) Once the core has fully started, power on the Media MVP- it should find the PXE boot file and load mpvmc. It may be wise to have a monitor hooked up to the Media MVP to follow any prompts. I think I remember one asking to verify the Core's IP address.

8) You should now be able to select the room where this Media MVP is located from an orbiter, play some audio from your collection and the music should play through the Media MVP.


  • If you do not hear anything, check that the audio on your Media MVP is not set at 0. On a cold boot my audio resets to 0. Simply starting audio from an orbiter on the Media MVP allows you to change the volume- I don't see that you can increase the volume without having media playing.
  • You may have to select "Music Client" from the mvpmc UI to hear music. On future boots, you can have the Music Client start automatically by selecting "Settings" -> "Startup Specific Application" -> "Startup MClient".
  • After rebooting the core (but not the MediaMVP), the MediaMVP did not reacquire a connection to the core- media would not play. Simply rebooting the MediaMVP solved the problem.