MDT AKS-1216

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MDT AKS-1216.01 (12HP, 230VAC, 16A) is a 12 line switch actuator


  • 12 Line Switch, 12HP, 230VAC, 16A
  • Standard with dry relay contacts.
  • Current max. 16A, max capacitive load. 70μF.
  • Buttons for manual operation and LED display per output, NO or Öffnerbetrieb, time functions (on / off delay, staircase lighting function) feedback function (active / passive) for all channels.
  • Logical operations and programmable behavior on bus voltage failure / recurrent.
  • Modular device for DIN rail TH35, width 12HP, integrated KNX bus coupler.
  • Bus connection via bus connection terminal provided.
  • 2 outputs each share a common supply line.
  • 3 years warranty