Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

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Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Share every detail with friends and family in HD. This full featured webcam, with true 720p HD video, delivers smooth, detailed video and crystal clear audio.

 Device ID      Model Name
 045e:075d	Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

This devices uses ivtv-utils and v4l2.

It works well with Motion and the security module of LinuxMCE. Use the instructions on the USB Surveillance page.

Auto Focus

Some USB cameras such as the Microsoft Cinema HD use autofocus which causes false alerts in the security log. To prevent this turn off the auto focus.

 v4l2-ctl --verbose --set-ctrl=focus_auto=0

This command might require you to set the proper video input. In some cases updated ivtv-utils might need to be installed to allow v4l2-ctl to properly set the controls.