Mobile Orbiter phones - Symbian Bluetooth

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This page shows you how to setup a Symbian Bluetooth phone as a Mobile Orbiter.

  1. On the phone go to Menu-->Tools-->Manager.
  2. Hit the left button, choose settings, and set "Software installation" to 'on'.
  3. Set the "online certificate check" to 'off'.
  4. On the phone: Menu-->Connect-->Bluetooth-->turn Bluetooth on-->make your phone visible (public).
  5. Go near a Media Director with a Bluetooth dongle. Within 30 seconds or so you will see a message on any nearby Orbiter that a new phone is detected. Select the phone's owner. The software will be sent automatically to the phone as a message in the phone's inbox. Accept the default installation options. The phone will update its own software.
  6. If the software gets deleted and you want the Media Director to resend it:
    1. Turn the phone off.
    2. Go to LinuxMCE Admin Website-->Advanced-->Devices
      1. Select the Orbiter off the device list on the left hand of screen
      2. Once the device information is loaded in the main section of the device information page, check the box for "Reconfigure Device".
    3. Turn the phone back on. The software should be resent.