QOrbiter Development

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Building and Setup.

Android - QT4

Android - Qt5

In Both cases, you will need to update the android sdk as per these instruction https://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/adding-packages.html

It should be noted that the android sdk procedure to add new api targets or packages requires X. X forward works on headless systems, but it is *very* slow. Run necessitas/android-sdk/tools/android to execute the sdk tool.

Desktop - Qt5

  • requires qt5 from lmce repo (==precise) or ubuntu repo (>=trusty). apt-get install (appropriate qt5*-dev pkgs)
  • .pro is located in /src/qOrbiter/qOrbiterMaster
  • qmake && make
  • output will be at /src/qOrbiter/build-output
  • this binary can be used as a desktop qorbiter or an onscreen qorbiter.
  • to create an onscreen qMD follow: QOrbiter_Targets