Shoutcast Radio

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Shoutcast Radio

This article applies to 0810


The Shoutcast Radio plugin will download genres and stations from the Shoutcast directory. You can configure the plugin to download only the genres you want and to limit the number of stations for each genre.

Status: working, with limitations (or rather, room for improvement)


To use it, you need to add it to the core in the web-admin. Go to Advanced -> Configuration -> Devices. In the device tree on the left, open the core device, select the DCERouter and click "Create child device". Search for and pick the Shoutcast Radio Plugin template.

After adding the plugin you can change its configuration. Currently you need to edit the configuration text field in the device page. This controls what genres to load, how many stations to load per genre, and how often you want to update the list (too often, and you are banned from the shoutcast list for some time).

Be careful when editing the configuration, it may stop the plugin from working and may even crash the DCERouter.

Do a quick reload and the plugin should be loaded.

Lastly you need to do a full regen of the orbiters to enable the Shoutcast source.

Play a shoutcast station

In the orbiter, go to the Audio scenario and select "Sources" (UI2, Options in UI1). You should now have a new source named Shoutcast. Select this and deselect the others. As the stations don't really have the same structure (performer-album-title) as the normal audio this is recommended.

You will see the list of genres, and selecting one will display the stations contained in it.

Select a station and click play. Sometimes it takes too long to load station playlist and you will be told that you LMCE cannot play this type of media in the current area. Just try again and it will most often work.


  • No proper configuration screen.
  • Does not integrate well with the current audio file list.