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LinuxMCE utilizes a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is referenced as a Skin. The capability for an end user (you) to create your own skins is also a built in option. See Designer for more info.

Current Skins

  • Titanium Orbiter Skins
  • BlueCrystal Skin
  • Basic - Works well with smaller devices (eg. on a WebOrbiter running on an iPhone or iPod Touch).
  • Other - There are various other skins to choose from. Please list your experiences with them here or attach some screen shots.

You can change the skin in use on an Orbiter by going into the LinuxMCEAdmin Website and selecting Wizard > Devices > Orbiters. On this page you can change the skin for any of your Orbiters and then hit Update to apply the setting. You will then need to do a Full Regen for that particular Orbiter. The full regen is required as the system needs to 're-create' all of the buttons with their new colours and designs.