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If the extension works, it should display this 2 levels static tree:


Keep in mind that this feature does not automatically create breadcrumbs. The process is manual. The good thing about this is that a single breadcrumb can cascade into many pages instantly. It makes for the ability to have a precision navigational system.

This is the basic syntax when creating a breadcrumb:

  • category name @ breadcrumb wikitext @ tab name @ site logo
  • Hardware @ >

I'll try and simplify the syntax.

  • category name=(Whenever a page has the specified Category association this breadcrumb will have an affect and be visisble at the top of each of those pages)

@=(Suggests that the following text after the @ sign is the line of links that will appear at the top of the page)

breadcrumb wikitext=(This is where you put your trail of links. It is suggested to use > symbol to separate each link.)