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The purpose of this page is to summarize the currently supported / tested USB audio cards. This is intended to allow a quick comparison for those who are not necessarily familiar with all the available models.

Please get involved and update as appropriate!

Model Make / Manufacturer Connection Type 710 810 Squeezeslave
Cmedia audio Unknown USB Unknown Supported Have not yet got it to work
TP30 Topping USB/Line-in Unknown Supported Working, see instructions here


Status Meaning
Unknown The status of this card with this version is not known to whoever added this card. If you know otherwise, PLEASE UPDATE!
Unsupported No work has yet been done integrating on this version
Working Works with this version, but requires manual configuration / driver updates etc.
In development As Working, but development work is in progress to add this card and make it PNP
Supported Works "Out of the box" so a good choice for newbies :-)