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I am sorry for the size of some these photos. I will learn the proper markup for smaller previews and edit soon.

Before LinuxMCE

A very old photo of my early days of computing. This desk was used for gaming and allowed me to run 7 Everquest characters on two computers with a third computer for data parsing and game research. My carpentry skills had obviously not developed yet!


First Setup

This photo was taken in my office while living in Arizona. I had just started playing around with a hybrid/core but had not given up control over my network and didn't take advantage of LinuxMCE's centralized server and multi-room media director abilities.


Getting the Right Idea Finally

Just before moving away from Arizona I built this custom wooden rack to house a NAS box, the core/hybrid, my UPS and the space below was measured out for a mini-fridge to hold beer. What are most server racks missing? Beer obviously.


Room: Office

A current photo of my office. The room "office" in my home could probably better be defined as an "entertain area" of my bedroom since this area is a loft under my bed. No honest media director exists here as I split the hybrid/core's media director between this monitor and the Home Theater room. To keep naming simple when I want to access the media director in this room I select "Home Theater" as a room.


Room: Hidden

As shown in the gray area of my user page, this area is hidden behind the large back of my Home Theater's entertainment center. Obviously I could do a better job of cable management but I am constantly tinkering with things and the only user to go to this area is me.


Room: Home Theater

Finally this is my Home Theater Room. In deciding on a LinuxMCE name for it I elected to use Home Theater over Living Room as the only real use this area sees is watching movies. I wish I had time to sit and relax in a living room but I tend to keep myself far too busy with projects for that. On occasion though the surround sound gets turned up to theatrical levels and I select a good explosion movie to enjoy with popcorn.