XFX GeForce-6200-AGP

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Usage Information

XFX GeForce 6200 AGP 8x Video Card

Product Features

  • 128-bit graphics processing unit (GPU) for AGP
  • Supports Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0
  • High-definition MPEG-2 hardware acceleration
  • High-quality real-time video recording
  • Provides HDTV DVI port for resolutions up to 1024 x 768

Technical Details

  • Model Number: PV-T44A-WANG
  • Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A
  • Pixels per clock (peak): 4
  • RAMDACs: Dual 400 MHz
  • Memory: 256 MB DDR2
  • Memory bus: 64-bit
  • Bus type: AGP 8x
  • Output: TV DVI
  • SLI ready: No
  • Graphics core: 256-bit
   * Vertices per second: 225
   * Driver support: NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture
   * DirectX support: DirectX 9.0
   * OpenGL support: OpenGL 2.0
   * Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty after registration


Both the 128MB and 256MB versions of this card has been tested as fully working with LMCE UI1, UI2 and UI2 alpha blending. Not tested for HD content.


Initial Setup / AV Wizard

This card uses the VGA out by default when setting up. You may need a dvi -> vga adapted on initial installation.