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Airplayer is a Python app, which can be used to receive video and picture streams via Apple's AirPlay.

It can be extended using MediaBackends. At the moment there are backends for XBMC, Plex and Boxee.

To utilize this in LinuxMCE, there need to be an Airplayer device for each Media Director / Output zone.

The source is available via the GitHub.


Another bunch of software re AirPlay can be found here.

Proposed Design

As contributed by --Tschak909 04:50, 10 February 2011 (CET)


  • To allow an AirPlay compatible device to send a video to a LinuxMCE DCE controlled Media Player.
  • To allow AirPlay compatible devices to access LinuxMCE Media via Orbiter and native device means, to play the media on these devices as clients, with LinuxMCE being the Server.

Thus being a bi-directional bridge.

Due to the fact that we want to handle control in both directions, two distinct paths will be taken:

Orbiter to Airplay Device

This is fairly straightforward, using the existing Media Plugin architecture that has been developed.

It is separated into two parts. The AirPlay PlugIn and an AirPlay Streamer device containing child AirPlay Player devices. This is very akin to the Slim Server Streamer and its equivalent SqueezeBox Player devices.

See the appropriate sub pages for more in-depth information.

Airplay Device to LinuxMCE Controlled Media Player

This will be filled in, pending some more research. Particularly:

  • Does AirPlay facilitate the sharing of files? Or will this have to be piggybacked atop another existing client such as DAAP? Or Is this something else entirely?
  • the following is a link to a page listing the current Airplay compatible devices: