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Easy, just go to K menu system settings, sharing

in desktop sharing / access check desired box (like allow uninvitted connection, desktop sharing... and password)

then connect:


Other solution not usefull

Tutorial to make desktop sharing with: - vncserver as server - vnc client as client

however I just figure out that there is a builin desktop sharing in kubuntu!


First install the vncserver app if not already installed (someone said with the quick install dvd it s already installed ??? To do that connect via ssh (you can have a look there - putty...) See also: Setting Up A Development Environment

first connect to dcerouter

then install vncserver on LinuxMCE 0710 use this line:

sudo apt-get install vncserver

to install vncserver on LinuxMCE 0810 use this line:

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

run it

sudo vncserver -fp /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc/

(the fp was because an font error when starting vncserver)

for LinuxMCE 0810:

sudo tightvncserver

you will be prompt for password used by client

then connect to the


name of the Xsession that vncserver return

Getting started

First we need to set up a Virtual Machine for our core (or hybrid).