HP ML115 G5

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Usage Information

This is a cheap micro tower HP machine. Going to give it a run out as a dedicated headless core, so not too concerned about sound and graphics capabilities, although they look fine for a hybrid - but fan noise would be an issue.

Internal Space for four Hard drives. Front Accessible 2 Bays, one DVD drive included.

Powered by AMD Dual-Core Opteron 1214 / 2.2 GHz - this is 64bit capable but for starters I'm running the i386 image on the core.

Graphics NVIDIA nForce Professional 3400

Came with 512 MB RAM, I've boosted to 3GB can go to 8 GB (max)

Built in RAID, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 - not enabled for now.

Has one Gbit NIC on board, HP NC105i.

PCI Express x 1 slot available - I've populated with intel 1Gb card.