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Booting up our cores, we always had the usplash from Kubuntu. However, when an MD or Media Director boots up, we always had to look at lines and lines of text. Well those days are over.

See it in action: MD Action Video

Special Thanks

This Usplash that we will be using was created by castlec. He handled the graphics, I just put the pieces together in resolving how to get usplash to work on the diskless/non-grub booting MD's. Below are the steps I used to make it happen.


The first part takes place on the booted up Media Director. To get to it log into the core via ssh and become root:

sudo su

Next ssh into the MD you wish to work on:

ssh moon72  <your number my be different of course, you should be able to spot it when your MD is booting up>
cd /usr/lib/usplash
tar xvf usplash.tar
cd /etc/alternatives
ln -s /usr/lib/usplash/ /etc/alternatives/
update-initramfs -u

Find the MAC address of this MD, and write it down, we will need it in the next step:

ifconfig | grep HWaddr

The second part tkes place on the core as root user.

cd /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg
vi <MAC Address of MD>

Find the kernel append line, it will look like this:

APPEND initrd=72/initrd.img ramdisk=10240 rw root=/dev/nfs boot=nfs nfsroot=

Add "quiet" and "splash" to this line so it now looks like below:

APPEND initrd=72/initrd.img quiet splash ramdisk=10240 rw root=/dev/nfs boot=nfs nfsroot=

Save the file and reboot. That is all it takes.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your new MD boot screen.

--Sethj 04:29, 18 March 2010 (CET)

I also found that if the usplash init script is moved to later in the process, we get a bit more splash and a bit less text

 rm /etc/rc2.d/S98usplash && ln -s /etc/init.d/usplash /etc/rc2.d/S99usplash

--castlec 11:35, 18 March 2010 (EDT)