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Just tried the directions. I downloaded the stuff. The scripts downloaded a bunch of stuff. (Although there were so many some of them could have failed to download) Followed all the steps and after the reboot command all I got was the desktop.

correct. It is in such an Alpha state, you will not get it working without integrated knowledge of the system. People are working hard on this to get it working. If you want to use LinuxMCE use latest snapshot. BongoWongo

Isn't it better to use 'apt-get upgrade' instead of 'apt-get dist-upgrade'? Isn't distr-upgrade used to upgrade K/Ubunto to next release? What is the benefit of running dist-upgrade?

--Valent 14:47, 5 January 2011 (CET)

No, thought that in 0810, that in the install script there is a dist-upgrade done. In 1004, I heared that I should do the same, BongoWongo

-- Brononius

I've noticed that when you download the script (, it has a small issue. In here, you've got (still?) BETA2 included. this should be main, no?

Don't know who can update the script?