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I used to have a fairly well working setup of LinuxMCE 710 until my wife got the shits with it and forced me to change it. Now that I don't have a wife I'm attempting to bring it back to its former glory using 810 (Components marked as "Out of Order" are sections I am yet to re-implement and may contain incomplete component lists)

Changes from Previous Setup

  • Am only using a single NIC this time with DHCP only for devices in Pluto Database. This method disables automatic setup of Diskless MD's but its not too much of a hassle to add an entry in the Media Directors sections of the web admin before booting.
  • Now using a Hybrid Core in the living room instead of a seperate core and MD.


  • MB: MSI with Intel G31 Chipset
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz
  • RAM: Kingston 2gb DDRII 533MHz
  • Main HDD: Seagate 40gb IDE
  • HDD 2: Seagate 250gb SATA
  • HDD 3: Seagate 250gb SATA
  • HDD 4: Seagate 500gb SATA
  • Video: nVidia GeForce 8400GS 512mb
  • Case: Cheiftec Black ATX Full Tower
  • Screen: Teco 32" LCD TV
  • Tuner: Asus U3100 USB Tuner
  • NIC: Integrated Realtek Gigabit (Internal Network)
  • Remote: Genuine Microsoft Windows Media Centre Remote & Reciever
  • Remote: Nintendo Wii-Mote
  • OS: LinuxMCE 810-23436 Snapshot

Master Bedroom MD (Out of Order)

  • System non-existent at the moment

Second Bedroom MD (Out of Order)

  • System non-existent at the moment

Network (

  • Multiple TP-Link 8-port 10/100/1000 Switches
  • Smoothwall Express 3.0 Firewall
  • TP-Link TL-8810 Modem
  • Minitar MVA111A VoIP ATA
  • TP-Link 300mbps Wireless Access Point
  • 1 Server (web, mail ect)
  • 1 PC
  • 2 Laptops
  • 1 Mac Mini
  • XBox 360 Slim Consoles
  • HP LaserJet 2550L
  • HP PhotoSmart D5360
  • Dell Streak

X10 Automation

  • Controller: Smarthome HA125 PC Controller (CM11 Clone)
  • Light: 1x Bayonet on/off Light
  • Appliance: 2x Appliance Modules
  • Lamp: 1x Lamp Modules

Future Additions

  • Replace MD's in Bedrooms

My experience with 810