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The Plan is to use LinuxMCE to record TV through a HDHomeRun, Stream Music to squeezeboxes and MDs and possibly lighting/AV equipment control I currently use the NAS to stream directly to C200 Popcorn Hours as this allows me to play BD.iso



  • Summary: It is installed as a hybrid but will be used as a dedicated core in the future
  • Mainboard: ASrock N68-S3-UCC DDR3 All-In-One DDR3
  • CPU: Sempron 140
  • Memory: 2 GB Kingston
  • Case: A cheap 2U rack mount case
  • HDD: One 320GB Seagate AV drive (spare part I used)
  • NIC: Onboard 100M for external (Nvidia) and a cheap Gigabit (Ritmo I believe which uses a Realtek r8169 nodule) card for internal
  • Video: On Board NVidia - Didn't get the start up video but didn't really care as core only.

Everything seems to work straight out of the box with no issues.


  • Tenda 'el cheap' Gigabit switch
  • Linksys wireless AP point, set to DHCP off.


  • unRAID NAS [1] - Not part of LinuxMCE