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It has become apparent, in the wake of recent attention that needs serious overhaul. The following sections will serve as the design document for a new revision of the site.

Please contribute to the new documentation by joining the discussion on the wiki.


The purpose of the new site is to provide a friendly, approachable face for LinuxMCE to new users. It must:

  • Provide links to understandable descriptions of the software
  • Present a user-friendly image of the site
  • Present a pleasing aesthetic to augment the above two requirements
  • Provide project news that affects users
  • Provide a way to easily download the software
  • Provide entry to the Forums
  • Provide entry to the Wiki for detailed documentation

Menu Structure (and links to the copy pages)

Scratchpad for Content Pieces

The following pieces of copy do not have a section to go into yet, so they are put here, for now.

Proposed Color Scheme

    Text: #000000