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A guy interested in setting up LinuxMCE and documenting it. Whether I am successful in either of those endeavors remains to be seen. *grins*

I am an IT security expert in another life. Ethical hacking, audits, consulting, infosec, regulatory compliance, that sort of thing.

I am quite familiar with Linux. I've run Linux as my primary home OS since April 2005. I switched over at work in 2007 after realizing that Cygwin wouldn't give me the same level of power. I've run RedHat, Fedora, Gentoo, and dabbled with Suse. I primarily run Ubuntu for desktop OS's. Trying out Ubuntu Server on a new hosted Xen VPS I've got.

Changed jobs recently so I'm back running WinXP as a primary work OS... what a jarring transition! After years of ease, going back to this piece of junk is giving me nightmares. What do you mean the window doesn't snap to the outline of the screen?!?!?!

Anyway, not a programmer, but I'm not a n00b either. I've done enough sysadmin, server, networking, desktop, and hacking work that I can find my way around if I need to. And I understand the basics.

I hope to help with feedback, testing, and system integration tasks.


The endgame.

I see myself having a whole-house LMCE setup. That means a seamless TV/media experience in the kitchen, den, bedroom, outdoors, and possibly more. Intelligent VoIP allowing calls between rooms, separate voicemail boxes, and call forwarding. All components are using as little power as possible. All components integrate seamlessly with the system. It is expansion-ready, to allow me to add in cable/satellite/netflix/other boxes. The system should impress, not because it's flashy and in-your-face, but because of its low-key, seamless integration with the house.


How to reach the vision.

I want it all. Really. The convergence aspects of LMCE appeal to me greatly. To that end, my goals are:

  • I want whole-house structured cabling
  • I want to be able to watch good TV shows at any time.
  • I want surround sound.
  • I don't want to futz with discs more than twice (load into system, and put away in CD/DVD binder).
  • I want to go to sleep at night, knowing that my doors are locked, the alarm is armed, and my motorized gate is closed.
  • I want to be able to check the security of my home from anywhere.
  • I want to be able to "down-shift" my home into lower energy consumption when I am traveling.
  • I want devices that will interface directly with LMCE as possible.
  • I want to be able to show artwork.


To meet the goals.


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