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For a smooth sail with the LinuxMCE system, it is important to understand a few things:

  • LinuxMCE (LMCE) is currently under development by a small team of volunteers that does not have the resources (i.e. time and money) to write device drivers and support software for all existing hardware. It is important that you read the wiki to make sure you start with compatible devices. If you are comfortable with Linux and have programming skills, please contribute by writing drivers for the devices you have and add them to this ongoing effort.
  • Not all devices work with LMCE and the list of known working hardware is available on this wiki.
  • The hardware requirements are posted here.
  • Familiarize yourself with the LMCE terminology. It will enable you to understand the documentation.
  • Read the rest of this page for a quick Linux MCE orientation.

What is LinuxMCE?

LinuxMCE (Linux Media Center Edition) is an all-in-one solution for your home that seamlessly combines media & entertainment, home automation, security, telecommunications and computing.
It is a free and open source software platform with a 10-foot user interface designed to allow a computer to act as

  • a home theater PC (HTPC) for the living-room TV
  • a personal video recorder
  • a home automation, lighting, and climate control system
  • a surveillance and security system
  • a VoIP phone system with support for video conferencing

LinuxMCE is a media centered Linux distribution built on the solid foundation laid down by debian and Ubuntu. It is loaded with all kinds of goodies for the home of the future. Able to record digital video, automate your home, function as a telephone switching hub for your home (in lieu of a boring intercom system), LinuxMCE ties it all together using an advanced messaging infrastructure [1]. [2]

How Linux MCE is used

As a standalone Home Theater PC

See top of hardware page.

As a security, automation, and PBX system

See What can I do with LinuxMCE?

LinuxMCE components

Familiarize yourself with the LMCE terminology, then learn about the components of the LMCE system.

This page is currently under development ...



How to use LMCE

See Usage Intro